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NL-NMD Research Symposium (neuromusculair)

11 januari 2024
Amsterdam UMC (VUMC-02-building), Amsterdam

After last year’s successful first edition, in 2024 we will again organize the NL-NMD research symposium. The NL-NMD research symposium will focus primarily on (pre-clinical) research. This will take place on Thursday January 11th, the day before the annual Neuromuscular Diseases symposium (Friday January 12th 2024, for NMD clinicians). The NL-NMD research symposium lasts from 12.30-17.00 hours and the aim is to connect NL-based NMD researchers. Speakers from the Dutch UMCs will showcase their research. In addition, young researchers are offered a platform by means of ‘flash poster presentations‘. The day will be concluded with drinks and bites.  We look forward to meeting all NL-NMD researchers January 11th in Amsterdam!

Location: Amsterdam UMC (VUMC-02-building)
Program 11 january 2023

Participation rate: € 50

You can register filling in a digital registration form.


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